Saturday, June 7, 2008


Fellow countrymen, my heart bleeds - "NDABAIWA" at the passing on of TONDERAI NDIRA. He is a BRAVE WARRIOR and a MAN OF VALOR. We owe a better Zimbabwe to his spirit and soul. That he had to be so brutally murdered and inhumanly treated is proof to me that Tonde was a constant thorn in the flesh of the regime. No amount of physical abuse, arrest or torture could ever break his spirit. I believe the reason why they mutilated his lips and tongue is that even in his final moment Tonde told them the truth they so wish never to hear. He told them about how they may kill him but can never stop the revolution that he believes in and that the people of Zimbabwe will finish what he has started. With blood shot eyes, he must have spoken words heavy with symbolic hope as of a dying man's wish that his persecutors cut off his tongue fearing the world may hear what he said. We know who he is and what he stands for. We believe in the Zimbabwe that he so cherished as to give up his life for. We hear loud and clear his words even in this stark silence. Even in the face of this horrific death, we feel his heart and passion and share in his bravery and partake of his wisdom and vision. Ndira, they may think they have put a stop to your work, they may think they have silenced you, they may think they have set us back in the struggle for a better Zimbabwe. You just rest in peace my brother and from the heavenly windows watch and enjoy the unfolding events that will bring us the Zimbabwe you so tirelessly fought for. Soweto will never compare to the Mabvuku you created. Your Spirit lives with us forever.

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mbizi said...

my young man ,you have left us in a painfull way but we know kuti zimbabwe yawaida kuona is just around the corner.i remember the last time we met in josi, you promised me ukati mudhara i am now going to free zimbabwe .these words still echo in my ears.i know you deed the job zvasarira isu kupedzisa.asi akatiitira izvi tinaye kusvika zvanaka